Top 5 Benefits Of Copper Plating

Copper is a red-orange coloured metal that is well known for its high electrical conductivity, malleability, and corrosion resistant properties. These properties are what makes copper plating one of the most widely used metal finishes in a range of industries from electronics and telecommunications to automotive and aerospace.

As experts in copper electroplating and metal finishing, we have put together a list of 5 main benefits of copper plating that make it such a popular metal finish option.

1.       Great Conductivity

One of the main benefits of copper plating is its ability to improve the conductivity of the object that undergoes the copper plating service. Copper metal, just like silver, has a fantastic ability to conduct heat and electricity. These properties make copper coating a popular choice for surfaces where a good level of conductivity is required. This is also a key reason copper electroplating is so widely used in the electronics and electrical industries.

2.       Malleability and Adhesiveness

Another great benefit of copper electroplating is its flexibility. Copper is a soft metal and thus is very malleable, which makes it easy for the copper coated objects products to be produced in the desired shape. In addition, copper has excellent adhesiveness, thus copper plating will not come off the object when it’s being bent or shaped.

3.       Corrosion Protection

Corrosion resistance is another benefit of copper electroplating. While copper is not as effective in corrosion resistance as harder metals such as nickel, when used in combination it creates a coating of nickel-plated copper that is highly corrosion resistant. So much so that the resulting copper finish can be applied to the materials that are used in marine and subsea environments.

4.       Antibacterial Properties

Copper can inhibit the growth of a variety of different microorganisms, highlighting yet another benefit of copper plating – it naturally kills bacteria. This fantastic property means that a copper finish is widely used to coat laboratory and medical equipment.

5.       Cost-Effectiveness

Lastly, copper is an inexpensive option and widely available when compared with gold, silver, or other valuable metals. This makes copper plating a great budget-friendly metal finish option.

If you’d like to find out more about electroplating copper, then read our guide to copper electroplating .

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