A Brief Guide to Copper Plating


Copper plating is the process of depositing a copper layer onto various metals. Our copper plating services have a variety of purposes, both functional and decorative. Copper can produce a dull, polished, semi bright, gloss or satin finish. Copper coating is popular in a range of industries, from automotive to medical. Copper is a chemical element with high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is antibacterial, tough, ductile and non-magnetic.


What does the copper plating process involve?

The copper plating process involves a process called electroplating. Electroplating involves using an electric current to deposit a layer of copper onto a base metal. Many metals can have copper plating, including silver, aluminium, gold and plastic. Any iron-based metals will need a nickel base coat as copper does not easily plate onto a passivated surface.

After cleaning the material, plating will prevent any imperfections. Secondly, the copper electroplating process involves passing an electric current through a copper salt electrolyte solution. The final step of copper electroplating is to add two terminals to the solution and connect them to a power supply. The electricity flows through the circuit and a layer of copper atoms deposit on the metal.


What is copper plating used for?

Copper plating is one of the most popular metal finishes. Our copper plating service is popular for a variety of applications including:

  • As a preparatory layer for other nickel and silver plating purposes.
  • RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) shielding purposes, as it’s an excellent conductor.
  • Large aerials fitted under railways due to its bright and levelling properties.
  • Laboratory and medical equipment due to its bacterial resistance.
  • Coins, which were originally made entirely of copper until its market value increased. Now coins use a copper plating steel process, due to its easy plating process and durability.
  • Aluminium wheels as it levels surface imperfections and ensures a bright finish.
  • Renovating worn items such as pots and pans.


Enhance the appearance of metal and plastic or modify its qualities with copper plating. For more detailed information about copper plating or to enquire about our copper plating services in Dorset, please call our technical team on 01202 677939 or contact us.

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