How To Prevent Corrosion Of Metal Parts


Just as objects can endure wear and tear over time, so can metals. Because of exposure to outside elements, metal parts without any protective coatings or adjustments will react to these conditions. There are solutions for how metal corrosion can be prevented which are discussed below. But first, lets get to the basics.

What is metal corrosion?

Metal corrosion is where the metal has or is in the process of deteriorating due to chemical reactions (oxidisation) between the metal and its surrounding environment. This chemical reaction will cause the metal to decay and damage its appearance over time. This is common and most people will have seen a metal which has been affected by corrosion, such as rusting. The rate at which the metal corrodes and deteriorates is down to the conditions in the environment that are in contact with that particular metal.

Different metals will have different electrochemical properties which determine the kinds of corrosion they are susceptible to. Therefore, each will have their own specific protective procedure.

How to prevent metal corrosion

As there are various types of metals and thousands of potential applications to prevent corrosion, manufacturers will use different techniques for different metals. The most common process used to improve the corrosion resistance in metal components is electroplating. Electroplating helps shield the metal and works on an extensive range of different metallic products. Using electroplating services is one of the best solutions for how to prevent metal corrosion. A metal finishing company will have electroplating information and guidance, should the topic be hard to understand.

Electroplating involves coating a thin layer of metal onto the desired object by means of electrolysis. For example, if you look at silverware, this tends to rust and corrode over time. Electroplating in this instance would enable the cutlery to last longer and remain in its original condition. Many of us use products which have been electroplated so that the underlying material is protected from oxidisation.

A metal finishing company which specialises in these kinds of processes will know exactly how to prevent metal corrosion for different metal types. There are multiple stages in the electroplating process which are taken into consideration for preventing metal corrosion. For example, corrosion control will typically be incorporated into the design strategies so that the final product is electroplated appropriately. Protective coating solutions will then be recommended. These range anywhere from galvanisation (using zinc to plate the metal), to gold plating, chromium plating, and many other metal coatings. Maintenance of these products is also an important factor for preventing corrosion of metal parts. An expert electroplating company will monitor this on an ongoing basis to ensure the correct application method has been used.

The importance of electroplating

Electroplating is important because without it, objects would deteriorate faster and not be suitable for use. Even car parts and phones are electroplated so that the quality is not tarnished over time. That is why electroplating services are so vital for multiple industries which want their products to remain in good condition. Moreover, the electroplating benefits are not only limited to preventing metal corrosion. This means using electroplating services from a metal finishing company will facilitate other favourable elements such as preventing friction, improving aesthetics and increasing conductivity.

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