Everything You Need to Know About Chrome Electroplating

Chrome electroplating is a metal finishing process in which a thin layer of chromium is electroplated onto a metal object. This process is often referred to as other names, such as triple chrome plating. This electroplating process is undertaken for many reasons. From enhancing aesthetics to increasing resistance to corrosion, chrome plating can help. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about chrome electroplating. We will look into what it is, the applications and benefits, and the chrome plating process.

What is chrome electroplating?

Chrome electroplating is the process of depositing a thin layer of chrome onto a metal or alloy. The chrome plating process is widely used in the aerospace and automotive industry. Chrome plating improves the surface properties of a material. The degree to which the material benefits from chrome electroplating is dependent on the quality of the chrome layer. As a special in chrome plating in Poole and surrounding areas, Dorsetware ensure to achieve a high-quality finish.

Chrome plating applications

Chrome plating has a wide range of applications. From aerospace and manufacturing to doorknobs and letterboxes, the process provides a host of benefits. Undertaking chrome electroplating increases corrosion resistance. This is particularly useful for products or parts that will get exposed to the elements, such as motorcycle parts or cars. For example, one of the chrome plating services we offer is restoring chrome on classic cars.

The chrome electroplating process

As experts in chrome plating in Poole and surrounding areas, we know how to complete the process correctly. The first stage involves assessing the metal quality and finding out the desired finish. From here, the metal is stripped and polished to remove any scratches and impurities. This step is crucial to ensure a smooth finish is achieved. Upon completion of this, the metal is deep cleaned using soap, acid, and water solutions. At Dorsetware, we then add copper plating to ensure there is sufficient levels of corrosion protection. A nickel plating layer is then applied to add a final layer of protection and  boost the appearance. The final step of the chrome plating process involves electroplating the material to achieve the desire level of plating thickness.

Chrome plating experts

At Dorsetware, we are experts in metal finishing processes. We have an abundance of experience and knowledge to handle any chrome electroplating project. Our thorough and careful process ensures to achieve a high quality finish guaranteed to last for years.

For more information on our chrome plating services, get in touch today to using our online contact form. Alternatively, give us a call on 01202 677 939. We provide metal finishing in Dorset for a range of projects. Browse our website to explore the range of services we can help with.

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