How to Restore Chrome on Classic Cars


Is your classic car in need of restoration? Use the guide from metal finishing company Dorsetware to discover the process of chrome restoration. There are many benefits of restoring cars, especially if the ageing is purely aesthetic, as it can increase value, you can customise it and it’s a readily available service – all of which makes the world of difference. Drive your classic car with pride by following these steps:

Step 1: Assess the Damage

If the body of your classic car is damaged, we recommend that you bring it to an electroplating company to have the chrome plating removed before attempting to fix dents and scratches.

Step 2: Metal Finishing

Remove the body components that need re-finishing and bring these to a specialist electroplating company such as Dorsetware. The parts will go through the following process:

  1. Stripping

The metal parts will be chemically stripped by placing them in a chemical solution (a trade secret!) which strips any old plating from the metal.

  1. Cleansing

The parts will be thoroughly cleaned in a hot solution.

  1. De-Rusting or De-Greasing

If your metal parts are particularly old, we ensure that all rust and grease is also removed. This ensures that the plating can be suitably applied.

  1. Mechanical Polishing

The parts will be mechanically polished to smooth down the metal, much like you would sand wood prior to painting, to ensure the surface is completely smooth.

  1. Copper Plating

A copper nickel chrome plating will be applied. We apply the three layers as they have a wonderful combination of anti-corrosion and aesthetic properties. The use of a base copper alloy is for its adhesion and subsequent layers, nickel to increase the levels of corrosion protection and a final layer of chrome for its hardness and decorative properties.

The process is then complete and we can drop off your car parts as part of our delivery service! Restore the chrome on your classic car with next to no hassle by getting in touch with Dorsetware on 01202 677939 and get a no obligation same day quote.


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