A Guide To Zinc Passivation

Zinc electroplating and zinc passivation are some of the most popular metal finishing services we provide at Dorsetware. There is a wide range of benefits associated with our zinc passivation services. At Dorsetware we offer a selection of metal finishes including zinc plating, zinc coating and zinc passivation. To give you an idea of which of our services might be suitable for you, we’ve put together a guide to zinc passivation 

What is zinc passivation and how does it work? 

The passivation process is a popular technique for protecting materials from corrosion and deterioration. Passivation services are similar in a lot of ways to the zinc electroplating process 

Cleaning – The first step in the zinc passivation is cleaning the material. Surfaces of the material must be completely free of dirt, dust, and other imperfections or this might affect the result. Cleaning involves wiping the metal down and then submerging in a cleaning agent.  

Acid dip – Once the surface of the material is completely clean, the metal is ready for passivation. Dipping the metal in an acid bath begins the chemical process that protects the metal from corrosion. This is a highly technical process as the exact temperature and duration of the acid dip will affect the outcome. If done properly the zinc passivation process removes the iron from the surface of the metal. This creates an oxide layer on the surface of the material which protects it from corrosion.  

Rinsing – To complete the process, the metal is then rinsed and dipped in a neutralisation bath. 

Zinc electroplating 

While the zinc electroplating process is similar in many ways to zinc passivation, there are a few key differences. Zinc plating also involves using a chemical solution to create a level of corrosion resistance. After placing a material in an alkaline bath, an electrical current passes through the solution. This causes the zinc to attach itself to the surface of the metal. A zinc coating then protects the metal from rust and other forms of corrosion. Find out more about how electroplating is used in manufacturing. 

Types of zinc passivation 

Yellow zinc plating – One of the most popular passivation services we provide is yellow zinc plating. This refers to the colour of the chromate after the zinc coating is applied to the metal. Yellow zinc plating is popular on automotive parts thanks to its high levels of corrosion resistance. 

Bright zinc plating – While similar in many ways to yellow passivation, bright zinc plating has a slightly different process and aesthetic. Bright zinc plating is a popular process for smaller metal components like screws and nails.  

Are you looking for zinc electroplating and zinc passivation services in Dorset? At Dorsetware we offer a wide range of metal finishing services. To speak to one of our specialists fill out our contact form. Alternatively, to find out more about zinc plating and zinc coating give one of our experts a call on 01202 677939. 


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