What is Zinc Plating?

Zinc plating remains one of Dorsetware’s most popular coatings. Low-cost but highly effective, zinc plating, coating and passivation is a fantastic method of protecting against corrosion.

The reason for zinc plating’s popularity is down to its quick, cost-effective process that provides a great protective coating for all sorts of metallic items; nuts, bolts, mechanical pieces, car parts & more. Furthermore, zinc electroplating also provides a new look to the items, with a fresh & clean shine added as a result of the zinc.

At Dorsetware’s electroplating facility in Poole, Dave & Tom are responsible for managing the zinc plating operations. The process is done by electrodeposition where zinc is the anode (the metal to deliver the coating) and the electroplated item is the cathode (also known as the substrate).

First, the substrate needs to be cleaned to avoid any rust, dirt or oil from interfering with the process and affecting the end coat, such as blistering or peeling. This is done by placing the item into an alkaline bath. Then an electric current is applied to force the solution’s oxygen around the item, cleaning its exterior.

The substrate is then ‘pickled’ – it is put into an acid bath to remove oxides or scales from the metal surface. Once the item is clean and ‘pickled’, it is ready for its zinc coating. The substrate is put into another solution with the anode (the zinc) at a certain depth in line with the substrate. A DC current is then applied to the anode, which causes the zinc ions to leave and attach themselves to the surface of the substrate.

Different chemicals within the water can be added or removed to achieve different zinc surface properties, such as different colours! Other variables that can affect the outcome include the strength of current, the temperature and even the amount of time.

The substrate is then washed with its new zinc coating!

If you are looking for zinc plating in Dorset & the surrounding areas, get in touch with the experts at Dorsetware. You can call the team via 01202 677 939 or use our online contact form.

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