4 Ways Chrome Plating Services Can Enhance Metal

Chrome metal car badge and front grill.

Metallic objects naturally deteriorate over time, so finding a method that can enhance or rejuvenate them can help improve its usability. One method that does exactly this is chrome plating, but what exactly is the chrome electroplating process and what are the key advantages?

What is Chrome Plating? The Process Explained

Chrome plating – also known as chrome electroplating, hard chrome plating or chrome finishing is the skilled practice of electroplating a thin layer of chrome onto a substrate object. This chemical reaction does more than meets the eye, however. Whilst it most definitely enhances the aesthetic of the object, it also vastly improves its durability. This technique also prevents corrosion and even makes the chrome-plated object easier to clean! But the best part is that it can take minutes for the chrome plating to bond to the object. Though this can vary depending on the amount of chrome used and the size of the object.

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So, what are the key benefits of chrome plating?

Enhanced Visual Appearance

One of the biggest advantages of chrome finishing is the enhanced visual results which come with this process. The smooth, glossy finish is visually striking and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. This is also a popular technique often used to enhance kitchen equipment and automobile parts. However, this technique is not limited to new products. Often being used to renovate previous chrome-plated items such as classic cars, restoring them to their former glory.

Durable Finish Protects Against Wear and Tear

Another huge benefit of chrome plating is the fact that, despite its thin application, it boosts the strength of the product. Often lasting for several years, and in some cases, even decades before needing to be reapplied!

Corrosion Prevention Properties

Substrate objects are susceptible to corrosion and eventually rust. This is one of the downsides to using these types of materials. Chrome electroplating offers an alternative to this frustrating chemical reaction. The process of chrome plating creates a physical barrier between the substrate material and the outside environment, preventing the object from corroding. As a result, chrome plating is often used to protect vehicle parts or other products used in damp or external applications.

Clean With Ease

Cleaning is rarely an enjoyable task. But when this often painful chore must be done it is important that it is as pain-free as possible. Enter chrome plating. Thanks to its anti-corrosive properties, it is simple and easy to clean objects that have been chrome-plated with household cleaning products and chemicals. This is thanks to the smooth surface that comes with this type of finish. Chrome plating even prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt, too!

Specialist Chrome Plating Services at Dorsetware

At Dorsetware, we specialise in the chrome plating services for a range of different applications. Our expertise and several years of experience ensure the maximum level of finish is achieved whilst meeting the highest standards of durability and safety. For more information on chrome plating, get in touch today!

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