Why Electroplating Is Used On Electronic Components

Using electroplating on electronic components is a vital part of the electronic manufacturing industry, and different types of metal plating is used for different reasons. This includes using copper plating to add conductivity, gold plating to protect the component from corrosion, and silver plating to provide coating to copper parts that are highly active. Electroplating can therefore be of high importance in the reliability and efficiency of electronic products or machinery.

Copper plating for conductivity

Copper is a relatively cheap metal which is known for how well it conducts electricity. This makes copper plating an ideal solution for electroplating electronic components as it is less expensive than plating with precious metals such as gold and silver but has valuable properties perfect for the production of circuits and semiconductors. Copper plating can also act as a base before another layer of electroplating, improving the throwing power of the metal finishing so it plates in a uniform thickness.

Gold plating for protection

Electroplating is commonly accomplished with gold in the electronics industry, used largely in the manufacturing of connectors, circuits, and contacts. Because of the cost of gold, electronic parts are not generally made entirely of the metal, but rather are finished with gold plating. This type of metal plating provides stable contact resistance and a superior protection from corrosion, heat, and wear. This is critical for electronic components as any corrosion may cause a less reliable electrical connection.

Silver plating for highly active copper parts

Electroplating with silver is commonly used to provide a shielding coating on highly active copper parts of electronic components, with the benefit of simultaneously ensuring great conductivity. Silver plating is also a bit cheaper than gold and contains strong solderability characteristics, meaning that its use in electronic components is a less expensive metal plating alternative with many advantages.

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