What Are the Applications of Chemical Blacking?

Chemical blacking is one of our many metal finishing services that we offer at Dorsetware. With its distinctive finish and versatility, cold chemical blacking can be used for an array of applications and purposes, from automotive finishing to simple decoration.

Learn more about chemical blacking, its functional purposes and how it is used in industry.

What Is Chemical Blacking?

The chemical blackening process is the result of a chemical reaction between the ferrous metal and the oxidizing salts and involves the blackening of steel. A chemical reaction occurs between the steel and the black oxide coating, causing the jet-black finish. It is a very popular finish amongst industries due to its unique appearance and useful benefits.

What Is The Purpose And Applications Of Chemical Blacking?

Metals that have undergone chemical blacking are completely matte – the phase in which the principal metal is converted to produce a crude metal -helping to minimise light reflection. This is especially useful in certain industries, especially the automotive industry, as it makes metal parts stand out and easier to identify.

As the coating is so thin, it can be used without affecting the dimension of metal parts. This makes it much easier for users to coat small, intricate and complex parts that must maintain their exact size.

Not only does chemical blacking have its functional purposes, it has great aesthetic appeal. The striking black finish is unlike other metal finishes, which is why it is commonly chosen for many industry applications.

Metal blackening is used in array of applications, such as:

  • Tool parts: for a distinctive, striking finish.
  • Automotive and aerospace parts: reducing reflective glare is essential for safety reasons.
  • Chains and sprockets: chemically blackened metals are great at absorbing wax, oil and rust to avoid corrosion.
  • Machine parts: small and more intricate machine parts must withhold their original size, so chemical blacking is suitable as it has no impact on dimensional change.

Dorsetware offer a wide range of metal finishes. From chrome plating to bright nickel finishing or cold chemical blackening, with an expert team located at our facility in Poole we can apply your favourite finishes to your products.

For more information about how our cold chemical blacking services could help with your next project, contact our friendly team. Give us a call on 01202 677939 or fill out our contact form.

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