The new Apple MacBook and Metal Anodising

The new Apple MacBook launched earlier this year on the 10th April 2015, with two more colours now available. As well as a host of other exciting new features, the gold and space grey MacBooks take Apple’s usually silver laptops to a whole new level of aesthetic

A MacBook’s frame is manufactured with aluminium whilst the track pad is made out of glass, so how did they manage to perfectly match them? On June 18th, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Apple’s patent application that permits them to use their invention of Color-Matched Polymer Materials and Method for Forming the Same.

For more detail on the full process of the invention, the patent can be found here. In summary, Apple has invented a way of mixing a water-soluble dye with a water-insoluble polymer material. Apple also created a composite layer that has the appearance of a dyed anodized metal, so that they could emulate the colour desired for both frame and track pad.

The fascinating yet complex process shows the high level of skill needed and the importance behind manipulating, finishing or anodizing metals to achieve the desired result. Metal anodising is commonly used to install decorative layers on aluminium and protect against corrosion. In the metal anodising process, a thin concealed layer of aluminium oxide forms naturally on the surface and increases the natural oxide layer.

Dorsetware is one of the leading metal finishers and specialises in metal anodising, operating at our Poole facility in South Dorset. We provide coloured metal anodising in a range of colours as well as natural anodising. Coloured anodising enables the metal to be of a desired colour yet remain corrosion resistant, durable and hardwearing and is incorporated into many products, like the Apple iPhone.

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