6 Facts About Metal Plating

Metal plating is the process of applying metal finishing to a product, with finishes including chrome plating and zinc plating. Electroplating services are commonly used to enhance the product appearance, increase the durability of the item and to provide improved resistance to corrosion. Have you noticed how some household objects have metal finishing, such as the temperature dial on your shower? View 6 more facts you may not know about metal finishing.

6 Facts About Metal Plating

  1. Electroplating is Over 200 Years Old

Electroplating was invented by an Italian chemist called Luigi Brugnatelli in 1805.


  1. Electroplating Is the Most Common Practise

Electroplating is the method used most for metal plating as it enables the control of the thickness of the plating.


  1. Chrome Plating is One of the Most Popular Finishes

Chrome plating is a popular choice for a metal finish, as well as gold, nickel, copper and zinc plating.


  1. Plating Reduces the Risk of Damage

Adding a chrome finish doesn’t mean that the item becomes indestructible but having metal plating does reduce the risk of damage.


  1. Decorative Household Items Have Metal Plating

A gold plating service is cheaper, lighter and an aesthetically pleasing way of plating household items such as picture frames and ornaments to look like it’s more expensive counterpart.

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