Why is Electroplating Important?

As an experienced electroplating company, we recognise the importance of electroplating and the vast array of benefits it provides. With state of the art technology, our team of professionals at Dorsetware are able to deliver valuable electroplating services to many businesses and individuals.

Some of our services include zinc, nickel and chrome plating as well as copper and silver electroplating, which have helped many of our customers to improve the quality of their metal parts and give them a competitive edge. Here are a few reasons why electroplating is important for your next project.

Decreases friction

Our electroplating services are fantastic for decreasing the level of friction between metal parts. Nickel plating is great for doing this, allowing you to improve the quality of your metal parts as they will not rub together. This also reduces early on-set wear and tear, providing you with long-lasting nickel plating results.

Improves adhesion

Our electroplating services are designed to help improve the appearance and texture of any metal surface, providing a seamless and higher quality finish. We especially recommend copper electroplating for improving adhesion of your metal parts, as it provides a smooth coating that will remain even with further coatings.

Ability to conduct electricity

Through our electroplating services, we can give new uses and functions to metal parts by providing them with the ability to conduct electricity. Silver electroplating can significantly increase electrical conductivity, facilitating the manufacturing process of electrical products.

Improves appearance

If you are looking for a seamless and professional finish to your metal parts or jewellery, our electroplating services can provide a striking aesthetic appeal. Silver and gold electroplating can provide an expensive, high quality finish in a more cost-effective way.

Protects metal from corrosion

As an electroplating company, we pride ourselves on offering high quality solutions that provide your metal parts with a protective barrier from corrosion. This increases the longevity of your metal parts and increasing their ability to withstand extreme conditions.

Learn more about our electroplating services at Dorsetware or discuss your next project by calling our friendly team of experts on 01202 677939 or email us at [email protected]. We offer an effective drop off and delivery service, plus a fast 24-hour turnaround with our Express service.

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