Which European country recycles the most aluminium cans?

7 out of 10 aluminium beverage cans are recycled in Europe.

Aluminium is a naturally occurring metal, and one that is increasingly recycled, due to the amount of energy it saves (95%) s opposed to making it from its raw ore. Every country in Europe implements recycling efforts for the reuse of aluminium.


Which country recycles the most aluminium beverage cans?

As you can see in the graph pictured above, Finland is recycling the most aluminium cans (as of 2015). However, other European countries are stepping up; Germany recycled around 99% of all cans in their country in 2015.

What are the UK’s recycling efforts for aluminium cans?

As of 2017, aluminium drink can recycle rates reached 72% in the UK, increasing year on year. In the UK, around 94,000 tonnes of aluminium packaging were recycled last year alone.

Why is aluminium used for beverage cans?

Aluminium is used for drinks cans because aluminium can withstand the carbonated pressure within the can. It’s also used because aluminium is easily formed and shaped, and it doesn’t rust, ensuring drink freshness and longevity.

Another added benefit of beverage companies using aluminium is to improve their recycling efforts. The number of times that aluminium can be recycled is limitless. Did you know that it’s estimated that out of all the aluminium produced to date, 75% of it is still in use?

What happens to recycled aluminium?

Recycled aluminium is used for drink and food packaging, as it’s more efficient to recycle existing aluminium. These are some of the other uses of aluminium today.

Aluminium is popular due to it’s corrosion and rust resistance, which you can benefit from by adding aluminium anodising to items of value. This process will coat products in an invisible film of aluminium oxide, offering protection and increasing longevity.

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