What Factors Could Impact the Zinc Plating Process

At Dorsetware, we guarantee that our zinc plating projects are performed to the highest quality. Furthermore, we have identified potential factors that could impact the zinc plating process and consistently control them. This ensures we provide your metal with a seamless finish, whilst giving you confidence that our zinc plating and various other electroplating services are executed thoroughly and professionally.



The zinc plating outcome will always depend on the temperature of the plating bath. For example, when bath temperatures are too high, hydrogen diffusion on the cathode is reduced and consumption of brighteners and other additives increase.

As well as this, the relationship between temperature and current density can have an impact on the zinc plating process. When both variables increase at the same time, the zinc deposit will be brighter. When current density stays the same whilst the temperature increases, large metallic crystals will form. Therefore, we monitor the temperature of our plating baths throughout the entire zinc electroplating process, so the finished result is not affected.

Current Density

The current density passing from the anode to the cathode can affect the thickness of the zinc coating. If the density of the current is not tracked, the result is often a wrinkled substrate surface. Our team of specialists at Dorsetware monitor the current density throughout the zinc plating process, making sure that metal is left with a smooth finish.

Concentration of Zinc Deposit

When electroplating zinc, we understand the importance of checking the level of the zinc concentration in the plating solution. If the concentration is too high, the surface of the metal will become rough and uneven. Furthermore, a low concentration will form finer crystals with a brighter finish.

Choose Dorsetware for zinc plating and rest assured that these factors, and many more, will remain controlled throughout the entire zinc plating process. Find out more about our metal finishing and electroplating services, contact our friendly team of experts who will be happy to help you. Call us on 01202 677939 or email us at [email protected].

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