What Are The Different Types Of Zinc Plating?

The corrosive effect of rust is the age-old nemesis of metals, but it can be prevented. Zinc electroplating is a method of metal plating that stops rust and corrosion in its tracks.

The way zinc plating is done is by electronically depositing a layer of zinc on the surface of another metal which is prone to rust, where it serves as a barrier due to its ability to resist corrosion. It is most commonly applied to iron and steel, metals which are popular due to their strength but are susceptible to rusting.

Zinc electroplating is a popular method used across automobile and construction industries, and nearly a half of zinc produced globally is used for galvanization processes. Therefore it won’t surprise you that there are multiple types of zinc plating used for varying degrees of zinc coating. What follows describes each of them and their uses.

1.Yellow zinc plating

This particular zinc coating is most seen in the automobile industry and offers a middle level protection against rust and corrosion. This plating is ideal for use outdoors due to its substantial anti-corrosive properties.

2. Blue/clear zinc plating

This type of zinc plating generally offers a lower level of corrosion protection, however it has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than its counterparts. Blue or clear zinc plating is largely used for machine parts, washers, screws and for ornamental purposes due to its attractive finish.

3. Black zinc plating

Black zinc is a metal plating using either black oxide, actual black plating, or both. With a finish ranging from olive drab to pure black, this zinc coating will provide a more intense rust resistance, particularly when black oxide is used. Due to its dark finish, it is often used decoratively.

4. Acid zinc plating

Acid zinc plating is different from the other metal electroplating methods as it doesn’t introduce cyanide into the plating bath. This method is more effective for hard-to-place surfaces, with a superior covering power.

Hopefully you have managed to wrap your head around the multiple zinc electroplating options available. If you are interested in zinc plating, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Dorsetware, where we offer a number of zinc electroplating services and more. Get in touch at 01202 677939 or fill in the form to get a free quote today!

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