Two Common Household Uses Of Anodised Aluminium

What is anodised aluminium?

Anodised aluminium is aluminium that has been immersed in an electrolytic solution to create an anodized layer around the metal. This process known as metal electroplating makes the aluminium less likely to corrode or scratch. It is also possible to add colour by colour anodising the metal, enhancing the appearance with a range of colour options while maintaining the natural metallic look.

Anodised aluminium products are very durable making them popular in many household products. They have a long service life while also being lighter than many other metals, such as stainless steel or copper. Here are the two of the most common household items that use aluminium plating that you might not know about.

Anodised aluminium in cookware products

Aluminium electroplating is often used in cookware products such as non-stick pans. The properties of anodised aluminium make it perfect for all types of pots and pans, from frying pans and sauce pans to casserole dishes. It has terrific thermal insulation and such a thin metal plating that it is perfect for either electric or gas stoves and even ovens. The thin coating on anodised aluminium products makes it much more lightweight than steel alternatives.

Metal plating on windows

Metal plated aluminium windows are great value alternatives to uPVC or wooden frames. As well as being incredibly contemporary and aesthetically pleasing, anodised aluminium window frames are much more affordable and durable than wooden frames. This means that both uPVC frames and wooden frames are not as strong as anodised aluminium frames and are more likely to need replacing or maintenance.

Like modern uPVC windows, aluminium plated window frames come in a variety of colours which allows them to be customisable to the exterior of a house. Using anodised aluminium windows is also better for the environment as they are easily recyclable.

Other anodised aluminium household items

Many other items found around the house benefit from using aluminium plating. Products like filing cabinets, door knobs, hand rails and mailboxes are all items that can be used daily for many years without the metal degrading at all. This is only possible because the anodised plating protects the metal from corrosion, especially when the item is outside and exposed to the elements.


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