The 4 Advantages of Using Zinc Plating

Metal plating is a common manufacturing process whereby a thin layer of metal coats the original element. There are a variety of different metal finishes, which are usually chosen based on the industry and application. Zinc plating is often used to provide a protective layer against water and other elements in the air that cause corrosion. Typically, a zinc coating is applied to iron and steel, as these metals tend to rust easily. Here we have put together the advantages of zinc plating:

  1. Low Cost

Zinc plating is ideal for companies looking for a cost-effective metal finishing to protect their metal components. When it comes to protecting metals from the elements, Zinc is often preferred over more expensive precious metals such as Gold.

  1. Improved Durability

Zinc plating is a light-weight solution that strengthens its substrate. Coating metal with Zinc increases the life-span of the underlying metal by creating a physical barrier. The barrier it produces stops moisture from penetrating the base metal, preventing rust. Zinc coating is ideal to prevent tarnishing as it corrodes 100x slower than other metals.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Zinc plating is an environmentally friendly choice for metal plating. This is because of its ability to be recycled and re-used.

  1. Aesthetic Improvement

Applying a coating of zinc can make a significant improvement in the way the base metal looks. Due to the clean shine it adds, Zinc is often used on mechanical pieces and car parts. Different chemicals can be added or removed to create different colours. Learn more about this in our guide to the zinc plating.

These three different colours can be achieved by adjusting the properties of the zinc:

  • Clear zinc plating has a silver/blue hue
  • Yellow iridescent
  • Black

Zinc is a versatile choice for metal finishing and is used in many different industries. It is used frequently in the automotive industry on alloys and engine parts, and it is also common for zinc plating to be used for applications in the defence industry.

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