What are the Pros and Cons of Gold Plating?

Gold plating is a fantastic option for adding a decorative touch to a variety of products. Our gold plating service is popular amongst varying industries and is a low-cost alternative to using 9-carat alloys. If you are considering plating your products with gold, read our list of pros and cons to learn more about the process:


Pros of Gold Plating

  • Affordable: The gold electroplating process proves revolutionary for certain industries, especially jewellery. This is because using a gold-plated coating is far more affordable than producing a product made of pure, solid gold. This is useful for larger companies who wish to produce gold-effect products on mass for a much smaller price tag.
  • Decorative: Gold electroplating is a great way to add decorative detail and make a bold statement. It can make products look more appealing, elegant and expensive.
  • Looks like the real deal: Plating your products with gold is not only a more affordable alternative, but the end finish looks strikingly similar to real gold. Our gold plating service ensures you truly get your money’s worth.
  • Strong structure: Products that have undergone gold plating are structurally very strong, even more so than real gold! This is because real gold is much softer, especially as the karat increases. Gold plated items are usually made of metals that have a stronger structure, making them particularly durable.

Cons of Gold Plating

  • Tarnishing: The main con with gold plating, rather than using real gold, is tarnishing. Tarnishing is likely to occur over a long period of time due to wear and tear, causing the metal underneath the gold plating beginning to show through. To reduce tarnishing, we recommend polishing gold plated items frequently to prolong its shine.
  • Less resistant to water: Items that have undergone the gold plating process are less resistant to water. This links back to the process of tarnishing, where water can cause the gold layer to wear away over time. We do not recommend gold plating for any products designed to be submerged in water.

To learn more about our gold plating services in Poole, Dorset, get in touch with our friendly team. We can recommend whether gold plating is the perfect solution for your application. Simply call 01202 677939 or fill out our contact form.

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