A Dorsetware Christmas Tale

Once upon a time, Dorsetware, a metal finishing company in Poole, had a very odd encounter at Christmas. The team get all sorts of metal items through their doors for metal finishing, electroplating, chrome plating services and much more. This changes the properties of the metal including colour, durability, hardness or whatever the customer desires!santa-dorsetware

Dorsetware receive items like mild steel hub caps and light trims, carrier bags full of precious car parts for chrome plating, or tote pans of machined aluminium components for hard anodising and zinc die cast bath handles for metal polishing. The team will never forget the artist who brought in a life sized metal skull for gold plating… but nothing prepared them for the dear old chap who stumbled into our goods-in area last week with his jingling sack of bits and bobs.

The team honestly thought he was going to collapse as he lifted his heavy load on to the counter, so rushed out to help him as he gently tipped out some bronze metal stars, an assortment of tiny brass bells, tin candle holders and some rusty old bits of horse tackle.

They were used to seeing old watches and metal picture frames or some other treasured family heirloom that needs to be restored to its former glory, but all these trinkets were something almost magical. He went to great lengths to explain that he wanted everything to be cleaned and polished with a silver plating to our highest standard – and all to be achieved by the 24th December.

He was such a lovely, portly old chap with his rosy cheeks, fluffy white beard, bright red suit and big black boots so they pulled the stops out to achieve his desired deadline. They forgot to get his name as he left in such a hurry saying he had to get back to the North Pole and would look forward to seeing them all on Christmas Eve.

Dorsetware will always and forever, wonder who he was.

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