A Beginners Guide to Manganese Phosphate Coating

Manganese PhosphateManganese phosphate coating is a popular phosphate coating due to its hardness and outstanding wear resistance. Phosphate coatings are used to pre-treat metal prior to coating or painting and to increase specific metal properties like corrosion resistance.

Manganese is a chemical element, found in combination with iron and in other minerals. The coating creates a heavy crystalline finish on steel surfaces and absorbs oil and other lubricants on steel surfaces. Dorsetware is the leading metal finishing and plating company in Dorset, we offer manganese phosphate coating services that are perfect for engineering applications.

Why is manganese phosphate coating used?

Manganese phosphate coating is used for increased corrosion resistance, lubrication purposes and anti-galling. In contrast to zinc phosphate coatings, it can offer continuous protection after the breaking in of objects that are subject to wearing. This is why it is useful for projects that require parts that slide against one another, such as car engines and transmissions.

What is manganese phosphate coating used for?

Manganese phosphate is used to improve the smooth functions of engines, gears and power transmission systems. It has such an enhanced resistance to corrosion that it is used throughout the metal and motor industry for breaks, washers, nuts and bolts, magnet cores and more.

What is the manganese phosphate coating process?

The manganese phosphate coating process includes a specific sequence that normally includes degreasing and cleaning of the metal part, a water rinse, then pickling in mineral acid. This is followed by another water rinse, activation, manganese phosphate, water rinse and lubricating with special oils.

The actual manganese phosphate process includes immersion for 15 to 20 minutes in a temperature of around 95°C. When it is immersed in oil, the oil film of the manganese phosphate coating thickness will depend on the type and concentration of the oil used.

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