How Does Zinc Plating Stop Corrosion?

Corrosion is a chemical reaction between a metal and its surrounding environment; when metal becomes oxidised, it will start to corrode. To dramatically reduce the speed of corrosion of metal we recommend applying a zinc coating. Zinc provides an aesthetically pleasing metal finishing and is one of the most common metals used in Dorsetware’s electroplating services.


  1. It adds a protective barrier

Zinc, a component of brass, is commonly used to coat iron and steel to provide it with a strong metallic barrier. Zinc plating isolates the base metal from the environment by operating as a protective barrier to keep out moisture and air; protecting it from oxidisation. The zinc will tarnish and corrode before the underlying metal.

  1. Keeps out moisture

Oxidisation, or Rust, occurs when iron or steel meets with moisture in the air. Zinc nickel plating significantly slows down the corrosion process by keeping moisture from reaching the base metal.

  1. Slows down the corrosion process

Zinc corrodes approximately 100 times slower than other metals, and even if the underlying metal was to become exposed, Zinc still protects it from corrosion. When in the presence of an electrolyte, Zinc will corrode first and protect the metal is in contact with.

  1. Reacts with oxygen

When zinc reacts with oxygen, zinc oxide is formed. When this zinc oxide reacts with water it forms zinc hydroxide. This zinc hydroxide bonds with carbon dioxide to produce a thin layer of zinc carbonate. This zinc carbonate will then adhere to the zinc coating to provide even more corrosion protection.

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