How Does Micro Plating Work?

Micro plating is the process of electroplating micro metal parts, which are parts that are small and intricate in size. These types of metal parts are typically found in electrical and medical devices and can include anything from pins, chip connectors and sockets.

With the continuous advancement of product technology, we are seeing many products become much smaller in size. This is because smaller products are more compact and convenient for the end consumer, especially if they are designed for use on the go. Consequently, this means micro parts are becoming even smaller and the need for micro electroplating is in high demand.

If your facility manufactures devices and tools that feature micro parts, micro plating can improve their overall functionality. At Dorsetware, we offer high quality metal finishing and coating services to an array of industries, including gold plating, metal blackening and more. We can ensure your micro parts are in the ideal condition to make your products operate effectively. Whilst working with such delicate parts can be seen as more challenging compared to that of larger parts, our qualified specialists are highly trained in working with micro parts and can overcome their complexities. Learn more about the specialist processes of micro plating and how it works:

What micro plating processes are there and how do they work?


Creating prototypes

When undergoing micro plating, prototyping is a highly useful process. Micro parts are very intricate, meaning they are much more unique and harder to replicate. Creating a prototype determines the best metal finishing technique for the micro part until we reach a desired solution. This allows us to protect the condition of the micro part as much as possible until the best plating method is found.

Selective micro electroplating

Selective micro electroplating maximises precision and accuracy when coating and finishing micro metal parts. Technological advancements have provided us with highly efficient equipment that can effectively control the plating process when using small metal parts. Since plating micro parts requires a higher level of precision, selective electroplating services offer the attention to detail we require when working with micro parts.

Eradicating the ‘boundary layer effect’

Metal finishing with smaller metal parts can often cause something called the ‘boundary layer effect’. This is where metals can not resist fluids during the metal finishing process. However, specialist equipment ensures that excess liquids are removed from the micro parts during the process. This helps to improve the end finish of the micro parts and certifies a uniform coating.

For more information about micro plating and our other electroplating services, get in touch with our friendly team at Dorsetware or give us a call today on 01202 677939 – we will be more than happy to assist you.

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