A Guide to Metal Polishing and Vacuum Blasting

Metal polishing and vacuum blasting are methods of cleaning and shining metals that result in a brighter finish before plating. Find vacuum blasting and metal polishing services at Dorsetware to achieve the smooth, bright appearance you desire.

Polishing & Vacuum BlastingWhat is metal polishing and vacuum blasting?

Metal polishing services enhance appearance, prevent contamination and corrosion, remove oxidation and create a reflective surface. Polishing and buffing typically involve smoothing a surface with an abrasive, resulting in a brighter finish. Vacuum blasting or dustless blasting is an abrasive blasting method where a blast tool is used to clean dust and loosen particles from the surface.

When is metal polishing and vacuum blasting needed?

Metal polishing is needed to remove imperfections on unfinished metals and vacuum blasting is used to smooth out a rough surface. Although relatively similar in objective, the two processes differ largely in how they are applied.

How does metal polishing work?

With metal polishing, a rough abrasive is used if a metal is unfinished, to remove imperfections such as nicks and scratches. Afterwards, a finer abrasive will be used in each subsequent stage.  The cut is achieved by moving the workpiece against the rotation of the buffing wheel.

How does vacuum blasting work?

The overall objective of vacuum blasting is to smooth a rough surface by applying a high-pressure stream of abrasive material. The main advantage of vacuum blasting over other abrasive blasting methods is that it generates less dust and spill, since it uses dry media and collects loosened particles. In addition, vacuum blasting is also efficient in its media consumption, as blast media is separated from dust and loosened particles, and then reused in the process.

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