An Introduction to Electroplating & Metal Finishing

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating services utilise the process of using electro-chemistry by electrolysis. An electrical current is passed through a large container of solution that contains metal anodes. The anodes then attach themselves to the cathode (or the object being electroplated) that then produces a layer of metal coating to provide a new metal finish.

How is Electroplating done?

The process of electroplating involves passing an electrical current through a chemical solution.  Various chemical solutions and voltages produce different metal finishes. It takes a lot of expertise in the field to fully get to grips with the process and then provide a high-quality service to an industry standard.

Why is electroplating & metal coating done?

There are various reasons for metal coating. These include:

Engineering Applications

Often applied to metal pieces of machinery and mechanical parts, electroplating can be used to give metals new qualities. These qualities might be abrasion and wear resistance, lubricity, special surface properties or corrosion protection. For example, nuts and bolts may be electroplated with a particular metal finish to protect them from wearing down through frequent use.

Aesthetic Applications

Objects can also be electroplated to improve their appearance. Whether it’s an object that needs a brand new rejuvenated shine or a small part that needs to look good, objects large and small can be electroplated. For example, an old rusty car bumper may be electroplated with a chrome finish to give it a new, shiny lease of life.

What objects can be coated?

Generally, metal on metal finishing is required. This is due to the large number engineering benefits that electroplating can bring. However, non-metal objects can be made conductive using carbon paint that then allows it to be plated.

What metal finishes are available?

Dorsetware offers a comprehensive range of electroplating services; from nickel electroplating, copper electroplating, gold electroplating and silver electroplating. Each finish has its own unique qualities and benefits. For example, electroless nickel provides an extreme hardness and resistance to heat, however chrome finishing is primarily used for its smooth aesthetics.

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