A Guide to Anodizing and Electroplating Masking

MaskingAnodizing or electroplating masking is an accessory of metal finishing where a specific area of a surface can be covered to ensure that it is not exposed during an anodizing or electroplating process.

What is anodizing or electroplating masking?

By using plugs, dots, caps and lacquers, Dorsetware protect surface area of a product from the anodizing or electroplating process. These masking tools can withstand anodising bath temperatures and contain the chemical resistance to withstand the chemicals through the process without degrading.

When is anodizing or electroplating masking needed?

Although there are some cases in which anodizing or electroplating masking is not required, such as controlled depth plating, it is a process that is employed in almost every metal finishing operation involving a surface that needs to be exposed to a process in certain places.  For example, a customer may need electrical contact on an aluminium part that requires anodizing. In this case anodizing masking is extremely important for the product to function properly.

How does anodizing or electroplating masking work?

Some anodizing or electroplating masking methods are temporary, while others are permanent and made of materials that can resist to the point where they can be used multiple times. Temporary masking methods such as tape produce far more waste than more permanent masks and are therefore not ideal for large, repetitive projects. Other methods of metal masking can involve, quick-drying lacquers, affordable waxes, plastics, and hot melts.

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