A Guide to Alkaline Zinc Nickel

Alkaline Zinc NickelAlkaline zinc nickel is a metal alloy formed by a zinc nickel plating process. Its properties make it perfect for a plethora of industrial and everyday uses. Here is metal finishing company Dorsetware’s brief guide to alkaline zinc nickel and zinc nickel plating:

What is alkaline zinc nickel?

Alkaline zinc nickel is an alloy composition of 12-15% nickel, with the remaining percentage made up of zinc. Following the addition of an acid coating during zinc nickel plating, this alloy has exceptional strength and corrosion resistance and can be easily passivated later on.

What is zinc nickel plating used for?

Zinc nickel plating is used most often for the protection of steel, cast iron, copper and brass products. It’s corrosion protective characteristic makes this metal finishing ideal for the automobile machinery and as a replacement for standard cadmium parts. Alkaline zinc nickel is also ideal for coaxial cables and cleat bolts.

How is zinc nickel plating applied?

Zinc nickel plating involves the complex metal finishing process of using a bath. This acidic coating significantly increases the alloy’s corrosion resistance, whilst making it stronger to withstand a range of practical applications. For the best possible results for zinc nickel plating, using a specialist service such as Dorsetware’s metal finishing in Poole and Dorset is recommended.

The benefits of alkaline zinc nickel:

  • Increase corrosive resistance of the metal
  • Improved alloy distribution
  • Specified as a requirement by many car manufacturers.
  • Allows for easy zinc passivation later on.

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