7 Daily Life Examples of Electroplating


Electroplating is the process of a type of metal coating being applied to objects. This procedure is employed to increase their durability, aesthetics, conduction of electricity, prevent friction and more. Whether it is noticed or not, electroplating is part of our daily lives. With metals making up the most of the objects around us, the demand for electroplating services continues to rise. Discover 7 examples of electroplating used in daily life below.

1.       Kitchenware

Many household items in the kitchen alone are in fact electroplated. The most common reason for this is to prolong their endurance and aesthetics. Cutlery, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and sink taps are a few electroplating examples which we find and use day to day. For example, silverware cutlery is electroplated to help retain its appearance and prevent tarnishing. Without the correct application of metal coating, water and oxidisation will cause the cutlery to corrode.

2.       Machinery Parts

Machinery parts are another example of electroplating used in daily life. If these were not electroplated, they would rust and deteriorate rapidly. As a result, machinery parts would need frequent replacement and manufacturing to be suitable for use. Stainless steel and iron are commonly used for machinery parts, but their longevity is due to electroplating. Plating companies provide electroplating services for machinery parts so that they have the protective barrier required for application.

3.       Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are one of the electroplating examples that can often go unnoticed. Several parts found within mobile phones are plated with metals to prevent corrosion, or any reaction between each other. This not only makes phones safer to use, but will also increase their lifetime performance. Mobile phone parts are often coated silver and gold plating as they increase conductivity. As well as this, plating with a thin layer of gold as opposed to the whole product being gold is a cost-effective solution.

4.       Jewellery

Most jewellery gets electroplated to help maintain appearance and durability. Using electroplating services is also another cost-effective method of increasing the wear and tear of these items without needing to use expensive metals. Like the electroplating example stated above, jewellery can be plated with gold to make it more attractive and affordable.

5.       Coins

Even the coins we use day to day are likely to be electroplated. They are an important example of electroplating used in daily life. In particular, with how frequent coins are passed from one person to the next, their durability overtime is crucial. Plating coins with metal helps make the brittle underneath metal strong and hard. As well as this, it prevents premature corrosion, as if coins are always rusting, they may not be accepted and lose their value.

6.       Car Parts

Car parts are essential components which are plated with metal to sustain performance and endurance. One of the electroplating examples for car parts is the wheel rims used for vehicles. Electroplating services are widely used for commercial applications. This is because, without them, vehicle parts would decay at a much faster rate. This would then lead to having to re-make and re-fit all the car parts more often.

7.       Building Structures

Building structures such as bridges are one of the many examples of electroplating used in daily life. With exposure to unpredictable weather conditions, such as rain, storms and wind, bridges require electroplating to increase their wear and tear. Often you will see bridges or structures which have visible signs of rusting. These will not have undergone any electroplating services. Eventually, the structures will need replacement and refitting or they could be unusable.

With more businesses turning to plating companies to find solutions for improving product resilience, electroplating services are suitable to all industries. As a metal finishing company, Dorsetware offer electroplating services to a range of different business types. These can be tailored to meet your exact requirements and specifications. To learn more on the services we provide, get in touch with us today. Call 01202 677939 or request a quote on our contact us page.


Image source: Unsplash.com

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