6 Ways to Improve the Quality of Metal

Improving the quality of metal is to improve the efficiency of your product. Almost all metal products you use in everyday life will have been submitted to a metal finishing process in order to change its durability, solderability, conductivity, strength and more. Whether you want to improve the quality of aluminium, gold or steel, there are many methods available that will make the product exactly as you need it.

Discover our 6 ways to improve the quality of metal:

De-embrittlementHard Anodising

The de-embrittlement process, also known as metal strengthening, stops a metal from cracking. Hydrogen embrittlement occurs when hydrogen is unintentionally introduced into susceptible metals during a metal finishing process. This causes the metal, commonly steel, to become brittle and fracture. De-embrittlement removes the hydrogen and strengthens the metal.


Electroplating includes a range of metal finishing processes such as bright nickel plating, gold plating and silver plating. By adding a metal finish, i.e. a layer of metal with certain properties to another base metal, manufacturers can benefit from lower costs and a more efficient product.


Anodising is mostly used to add protective or decorative films to aluminium. Aluminium is a cost effective and useful metal but is susceptible to corrosion. During the anodising process, the thin invisible film of aluminium oxide forms naturally on the surface, thickening the metal and providing better corrosion resistance. To achieve extreme hardness, resistance to abrasion and corrosion, hard anodising is used. Find both forms of anodising in Dorset at Dorsetware.

Stainless steel passivationPassivation

When stainless steel is submitted to machining and fabrication, iron contaminates the metal and it is more likely to corrode prematurely. The stainless steel passivation process adds a thin, transparent oxide film that protects the steel from corrosion.

Metal polishing and vacuum blasting

Not only can the physical properties of metal be changed, it can be easily enhanced aesthetically too. Metal polishing and vacuum blasting results in a brighter and smoother finish and defects are visually enhanced.

Dorsetware is an experienced electroplater, providing metal finishing in Dorset and a range of other services to improve the quality of metal. To find out more about how to improve the quality of your metal product, please get in touch with our friendly team by calling 01202 677939 or fill out our online contact form for a no obligation same day quote.

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