5 More Amazing Products That Use the Metal Anodising Process

At Dorsetware we offer a range of anodising services. To highlight the importance of the metal anodising process, we will be showcasing several innovative products. These products use the anodising process to further improve their functionality and style. The metal anodising process involves the use of an aluminium oxide layer forming when dipped into an electrolytic bath of sulphuric acid. This provides corrosion protection as well as a colour, if desired. Dorsetware offers a variety of colour anodising options, at our production facility in Poole, Dorset. Some of our other services include metal polishing, vacuum blasting and many more.

It is highly likely that many products you own and use everyday have been subject to the anodising process. Without anodising services, they wouldn’t be durable or as long-lasting. Here are 5 more innovative anodised products:

  1. chillblast-fusion-nano-anodised-aluminiumChillblast Fusion Nano

The Chillblast Fusion Nano is the ultimate compact PC with a highlighted gaming system. The system comes in a variety of colours including blue, red, green, black, silver and gold. What makes the Nano different from other PCs is its cooling system. The cooling on the Chillblast works effortlessly without the need to employ large graphics cards that increase the PC to nearly twice the size. The PC’s unibody uses aluminium anodising which acts as a heat sink, sucking heat away from internal components.

  1. Angur Wolf Cycling Lightscycling-lights-anodised-aluminium

The lights work as an intelligent communications system. When the Wolf light detects another light, it dims in brightness so cyclists behind and in front aren’t blinded. The lights use aluminium anodising on the case to protect them from corrosion from weathering.

  1. Anti-Bacteria Surface


Bacteria on kitchen surfaces can be hazardous. This is why Cornell University is developing a new surface that repels all bacteria. The technology is revolutionary for food processing, medical and shipping industries. The surface uses an anodising process, which changes the electrical forces and surface energy. That then sends a repelling force on bacterial cells, stopping attachment and biofilm formation.

  1. Worker’s Exoskeleton


Tough and draining jobs such as building US Navy ships will ultimately take their toll on the human body. Lockheed Martin has developed an exoskeleton that will reduce workers loads and support up to 36 pounds of tools. The skeleton uses aluminium anodising and carbon fibre for maximum strength.

  1. 3D Printing Pen

A group of designers in London have created the first 3D printing pen that enables users to ‘doodle in the air’. The casing of the pen uses aluminium anodising and charges via a USB port and melts plastic filament to create liquid ink that cools to a solid.

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