4 Ways Electroplating Can Reduce Manufacturing Costs

The world of engineering is highly competitive and fast paced and nearly every manufacturer is looking for ways to reduce production costs without compromising the overall quality of goods. One of the best solutions for that is electroplating.

Electroplating, also known as metal finishing, is a process used to coat the surface of an object in a thin layer of metal. Read on to find out how electroplating can help reduce manufacturing costs in a number of ways:

1. It improves product quality

Electroplating of objects gives them increased wear resistance, quality, and longevity. For example, by coating your product in a less reactive metal, you can make it more resistant to tarnish and prevent rusting.

Metal finishing can also increase heat resistance and give an object more strength and durability. Metal coating can help keep the surface intact and products such as silverware or jewellery will retain their shine and attractiveness, plus stay valuable. This also means that your products are less likely to get damaged or scratched in storage or delivery, resulting in fewer customer returns due to inferior quality, saving your repair and replacement expenses.

2. It can improve customer retention

Not only can electroplating let you benefit from a better quality product at a lower cost, but it can also boost your customer retention efforts. It’s far easier to keep your existing customers when you offer high quality products. Equally, by making your products durable and longer lasting, electroplating can also reduce costs associated with new customer acquisition.

3. It can increase functionality

Metal plating can be used to add new functions to your products. As all metals have different physical properties, coating your products in certain metals can give them new properties, such as making them magnetic or more conductive to electricity. Silver electroplating, for example, is often used in the manufacturing of computers and other electronics to enhance the electrical conductivity of connectors.

4. It is an affordable alternative for enhancing the appearance

It is way cheaper to use silver or gold electroplating to add a layer of it to a cheaper base material such as steel than to make something fully out of these precious metals. Not only does gold electroplating allow for some significant saving in manufacturing costs but can also give a desirable appearance and aesthetic appeal to a much cheaper material.

So if you’re considering using electroplating to reduce manufacturing costs and increase your profitability, our team of expert electroplaters at Dorsetware provides the best metal finishing Dorset has to offer. To learn or more about our services contact us on 01202 677939 or fill our online contact form and get a free quote today.

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