4 Services You Should Expect From Your Metal Finishing Company

4-services-you-should-expect-from-your-metal-finishing-companyWhen most people hear the words “electroplating services” or “metal finishing”, not much may spring to mind. Unless you understand electroplating the topic can be quite hard to get your head around. For businesses opting to use a metal finishing service, knowing what to expect throughout can make the process a lot easier.

Regardless of which metal finishing company is chosen, there are 4 services that should always be expected:

1.       A complete service

One of the most important factors which should be expected from your electroplating company is a full service. A company that prides itself on quality, will measure all metrics to understand what is working and where changes need to be made, so that the customer doesn’t have to. Having a complete electroplating service should ensure that every aspect that needs to be considered for the production, has been. At the end of the day, if you are not receiving a complete service, then there are chances costs could be wasted in areas that should have been monitored. Metal coating is all about the finish, and getting this right thanks to a complete service should be paramount.

2.       The finished product desired

The finished, electroplated product should always be fit for implementation, no matter where you get your metal finishing services. The best way to ensure this, is to work with a company which honours your desired specifications. If your metal finishing company listens to your criteria and feedback, from start to finish, there is more guarantee that the end product will meet requirements and that changes won’t need to be made at the last minute.

3.       Clear Communication

Especially for those who may not have a technical understanding of the process of electroplating, clear communication throughout is key. Your metal finishing company should provide ongoing support and guidance, so that you understand exactly how electroplating procedures work.

It is important to remember, an electroplating company won’t expect everyone to have the scientific knowledge. So, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask them to re-explain if it doesn’t make any sense. After all, your metal finishing company should strive to keep you educated, with an understanding of their business and how it interlinks with yours.

4.       Project information throughout

It should be expected that you receive product information throughout the process. This includes advice on the correct metals to use when electroplating your product. Different metal coatings will have different purposes, so it’s important this is identified correctly with information. Your metal finishing service should also recommend appropriate finishing metals which are suitable for the material of your product. This is called finish matching. Finish matching ensures metal components will match the control sample that has been specified,


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