4 Reasons To Use Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel plating is a nickel-alloy coating by a controlled chemical reduction. Unlike other forms of nickel plating, electroless nickel does not involve an electric current and can deposit on surfaces which are not conductive. It is frequently used to enhance corrosion resistance across industrial applications for an effective coating solution. For nickel plating companies in Dorset, contact Dorsetware to enquire further about the services we can offer.


Corrosion resistance

Electroless nickel coating is less porous and creates a more consistent thickness than electroplated nickel. Electroless nickel contains phosphorous to provide the deposit with a protective layer that enhances resistance to corrosion and rust. Different phosphorous levels can be used to serve different applications, whether you are looking for maximum corrosion resistance for acidic environments, or maximum hardness for alkaline environments.

Enhanced durability

The combination of sturdiness and corrosion resistance makes electroless nickel plating ideal for preventing wear on anything that requires an elevated hardness. The application process can be done with little compressive stress for a gentle deposit, however electroless nickel coating can also be hardened further with heat treatment. Electroless nickel plating can also be used to improve lubricity and solderability to enhance the structure and usability of materials.

Cost effective

Since no electricity is required for electroless nickel plating, it can provide a more accurate and efficient application process. By not using electricity you can save on costs without compromising a high-quality finish. The enhanced quality of an electroless nickel finish can lower operating costs and reduce the risk of waste by instead providing an even and consistent thickness. The application can be completed with less equipment and fewer coats.

Versatile application

Electroless nickel plating benefits from a uniform deposit thickness, regardless of the shape or size of the material it is applied to. An even finish makes electroless nickel coating even easier to apply by being able to plate complicated or irregular shapes. It can be applied to plastic and a variety of metals, so a wider selection of parts can be finished with a consistent surface. With large flexibility of thickness and volume of the electroless nickel plating, it can easily fill crevices or recesses in materials. Electroless plating is frequently used as a coating in printed circuit boards for electronics to prevent corrosion.

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