The Four Most Common Uses of Aluminium

Aluminium is widely popular due to the vast variety of applications. This malleable metal is the most abundant metal on earth, and aluminium anodising plays a key role in its use around the world. It is high strength, low weight, and corrosion-resistant as the grey oxide-layer that provides protection. The corrosion resistance can be further reinforced if hard-anodised.

Confused about aluminium anodising? We’ve addressed some common questions about hard anodising vs. aluminium anodising on our blog.

So, Why is Aluminium So Popular?

  • It’s low density
  • It has high thermal conductivity
  • Very malleable metal
  • It’s non-toxic
  • It has high corrosion resistance
  • It’s a good electrical conductor

It’s due to these reasons that aluminium is so commonly used around the world, and for items that you may never have guessed. We’re here to break down some of the most common uses to explain just how useful aluminium can be.

What is Aluminium Used For?


Cans & Beverage Containers

Aluminium is commonly used for packaging, particularly for drinks. This is because it can withstand the carbonation pressure inside the can. In addition, it can be easily formed and shaped, and it will not rust.

Consumers may now be looking to buy and use aluminium cans more than plastic bottles, as they can be recycled time and time again.


Due to its low weight, considerable strength, and workability, aluminium is ideal for aircraft. From commercial aircraft that are produced en masse, to being used in restorations, it’s used for its shiny finish and malleability. It isn’t just the primary material used for the aircraft shell, but for the seats, too, as it reduces the weight and saves fuel spend.

Windows & Doors

Aluminium has superior thermal efficiency, so windows made using this material are more likely to meet energy efficiency standards. It’s strong, durable and a great long-term investment as they don’t require maintenance and has a long-lifetime.

Aluminium anodising can be used to protect materials from corrosion or be added as a decorative film.


Did you know that the Empire State Building’s construction materials included aluminium? The material is lightweight, so it’s easy to work with and allows for improved installation times. Its high thermal conductivity also means that buildings built using this are kept cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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