3 Day-To-Day Parts That Use Nickel Plating

What is nickel plating?

Nickel electroplating is the process of laying a thin layer of nickel onto another metal object. Also called nickel finishing, it creates a protective, attractive coating that provides many benefits. From better aesthetics (nickel has a shiny finish) to increased corrosion resistance, the use of nickel plating is popular across the world.

There are different types of nickel plating: bright nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, and dull nickel plating. Find out more about the three types of nickel plating and how it works in our blog post.

Here, we will describe three everyday objects that use nickel electroplating to increase the appearance and longevity of the products. For more information on our nickel plating services, take a look around our website.

Car Parts

One example of everyday items that use nickel electroplating are car parts. Car bumpers and exhaust pipes, for example, use bright nickel plating. This method is used as it hides polishing lines and adds brightness. Electroplating these objects also protects materials from corrosion in harsh environments. Exhaust pipes in particular are subject to both extremely high temperatures – from car exhaust fumes – and low temperatures in the winter.

Door Handles

Door knobs are also subject to nickel plating very frequently. Electroless nickel plating is used for door handles and door knobs because it prevents corrosion and works well regardless of the shape of the product. Nickel-plated brass is frequently used for door handles and door knobs. Products like these are put under such frequent use that without electroplating with nickel, they may corrode much sooner due to the natural oils from human hands.

Machine Parts

Machine parts and springs are often finished using dull nickel plating. This method creates a dull and matte finish, unlike what you may want for a shiny new car or door handle. Things like machine parts are dull nickel plated because this method has the best corrosion resistance and can be used under gold plating. It is also malleable, meaning it’s ideal for parts that will move around and interact with others.

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