3 Benefits of Cold Chemical Blacking

Do your tools and automotive parts need sprucing up a bit? Our cold chemical blacking finish can provide the striking and high-quality finish you desire.

What is cold chemical blacking?

Cold chemical blacking, or blackening, involves the chemical process of blackening metals such as stainless steel, copper, silver solder and zinc, which gives metal a seamless black coating. Dissimilar to hot chemical blacking, cold chemical blacking is applied at room temperature.

Now we’ve got the basic ground covered, you’re probably thinking: what am I going to gain out of using cold chemical blacking? Here are some of our top reasons why you should consider using cold chemical blacking to give your metal a unique finish.


1.       Durable and affordable

Cold chemical blacking helps metal to resist corrosion, whilst also enabling it to cope with extremely high temperatures. Metal blackening is also a much more affordable way of implementing corrosion resistance, compared to plating and painting. Since the finish does not chip, flake or peel off, it will stay looking slick for a long time.

2.       Non-intrusive thickness

The chemical blacking finish is so thin that it has practically no impact on the metal’s original dimensions. This makes it a lot easier to give intricate parts, such as gears and cutting tools, a polished finish. Consequently, metal and steel blackening is more effective than using plating and paint finishes in these situations, due to their significant, uneven thickness.

3.       Cold chemical blacking looks good

This is a bit self-explanatory, but chemical blacking is often used because it looks better. Metal that has undergone the chemical blacking process tends to be used for parts that are highly visible. Therefore, it gives metal parts a uniform and clean-cut finish, which improves its overall aesthetic appeal.

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